Tips to succeed first year in College

Going to college for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Whether it is a public college or an Ivy League school, freshmen have to go through the steps that the first-year college students face. These include making friends, figuring out how to do well in their courses, or getting used to the change in lifestyle. Despite the challenges, college freshmen can survive and thrive and begin their college life on solid footing if they follow these recommendations.

Never Skip Classes

Skipping classes is one of the easiest things to do for college students. However, bunking classes is also one of the biggest mistakes college freshmen can make. College freshmen should avoid skipping classes. Regardless of how early in the morning or how late in the evening the class begins, college freshmen should never skip classes. Instead, college freshmen should be vigilant and focused. They need to be an active participant. During classes, they should listen carefully to their instructor, take notes, and ask questions. Being attentive will help them in their studies. Students make a lasting impression on their instructors who take a strategic approach to classroom participation. Instructors usually recommend these students for internships and jobs.

Time Management

College freshmen are solely responsible for their grades and achievements. Therefore, they need to hold themselves accountable for their actions and behaviors. Therefore, they need to manage their time wisely. It will ultimately lead them to success. They should have a timetable. They should schedule assignments ahead of their deadline. College freshmen should get themselves a planner that works for them and set aside time each week to schedule their classes, studies, homework time, meals, meetings, and leisure time. They need to make a to-do list while prioritizing important and time-consuming tasks. College freshmen should plan. They receive a course outline on the first day of their classes. When they develop schedules, they should plan for the tests, projects, or exams. Last-minute preparation of tests or assignments can only lead to stress and poor grades. Therefore, procrastination is not advisable. They should also assign some time for their hobbies or things that can help them in relaxing.

Work on Networking

College freshmen should work on expanding their social circle. They should focus on networking and go out of their way to meet individuals who can help them achieve success. These individuals do not necessarily involve acquaintances but also include professionals like college counselors and therapists, etc. These people can help the freshmen in making their college life successful. Also, college freshmen can form positive support groups by making friends with people who are part of the organizations that align with their goals and vision. College freshmen also need to find a mentor as a professor or a counselor. A mentor can make college freshmen stay on the right path and can open doors to opportunities for them.

Take Care of the Psychological Health

The first year of college can be an emotional roller coaster for the students. It is an incredible time of lifestyle change and every student handles it differently. For some students, it is a period of excitement and growth and they take it positively. For others, it is extremely stressful. It can lead to anxiety. Therefore, college freshmen should be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression. Challenges, lifestyle changes, academic issues, and peer pressure can turn stress into massive anxiety. A little stress and homesickness are normal when students transition into college life. However, if the condition of hopelessness persists for days and as a consequence a student’s behavior changes, then it is time to seek help. College freshmen can seek anyone’s help when they are in deep depression. However, their preference should be counselors or therapists. College freshmen need to have a support system.

Be Mindful About Financial Resources

It is not uncommon for students to blow up their student loans on trips and clothing which they later regret. They have to bear the consequences of their choices in the years to come. Regardless of how a college student is finding his or her academic career, a student needs to be vigilant about spending and not over borrowing. College freshmen should live within their means. They should not spend tons of money on dine-outs or food. Instead, they should look out for small jobs within the campus. They should be proactively involved in earning money. They should also work part-time off-campus. College freshmen should apply to organizations that also offer some tuition assistance programs, such as Starbucks. This way students would be able to earn not only the wages but also receive additional financial support in the form of tuition fees.

Take Advantage of the Available Resources

Every college is equipped with useful resources for students to succeed. Some of these resources include the learning Center, financial support department, disability services, counseling and career center, gym, library, academic counseling, etc. The college management provides information on these resources during the orientation program. These departments have professionals who are happy to support students and help them in making the most out of their first year at college.


College freshmen should work diligently and focus on their academic careers during the weekdays. However, they should reward themselves during the weekends or on their free days. They should participate in activities that can help them in relaxing. These can range from getting ice cream to going on a trip to discovering new things in the city. College life can become stressful. However, to deal with the stress students need to have fun. They should create a balance between work and excitement. Keeping in touch with friends and family also helps. College freshmen should maintain relationships with their friends and families. This will help them in transitioning to college life. Regardless of how busy college freshmen are, they should remain connected with their friends and families to remain updated. It will also help them in releasing stress by sharing their feelings and thoughts with others.